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  • Service Landscaping

    If you need expert landscaping in Angola, Indiana or surrounding areas and want it done to your expectations the first time, Herrera Lawn Care Service is who you should call. Whether you need backyard landscaping, your front lawn done, or palms trimmed, we have you covered.

  • Mowing & Edging

    Regular lawn maintenance is important for keeping your lawn looking healthy and lush. However, if you want to keep your free time as your own, you can outsource your lawn maintenance. For those who don’t want to spend their Sundays mowing, professional lawn mowing services are a great option.

  • Clean Up

    Life can get in the way of your yard clean up and yard maintenance routine, and neglecting your yard clean up duties for too long can cause irreversible harm to the health of your lawn. Removing outdoor debris is important for keeping your backyard healthy, growing, and thriving year round.

  • Service Trimming

    Unfortunately, it can be hard to find an affordable palm-tree care services company in the Angola, Indiana area that you can truly rely on and trust. Many don’t have the right tools, or they charge far too much to trim up your palm trees.

  • Weed Killing

    Keeping your patios, paths and driveways clear of weeds throughout the year can be a real challenge. Domestic Total Weed Killers can have some effect, but quite often disappoint with weeds growing back quickly. So, if you need an application of a strong, commercial, contact us for an effective Total Weed Kill for hard surfaces surrounding your home and garden.

  • Service Fertilizer

    Lawn Fertilization is an essential part of lawn care maintenance. Most soils don’t have all the required nutrients needed for lawns to flourish. Yards require fertilization during different seasons of the year. Not all lawns are the same; different grasses require different types and times of fertilization. 

  • Planting or Remove

    Sometimes you need to get rid of plants that have become unsightly, died, or just need to be removed. Sometimes the addition of a tree or shrub can improve the look and quality of your property. Our planting and removal services can spruce up your yard, add visual appeal, and remove plants, bushes, and small trees that have died or are simply unsightly.

  • Fence Installation

    Fences are attractive to homeowners for a variety of reasons: fences can increase yard privacy, reduce noise from neighbors, provide an enclosure for pets, and make a yard look attractive. For these reasons and others, homeowners chose to have fences installed by contracting and fencing services.

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If you need expert landscaping in Fort Wayne, Indiana or surrounding areas and want it done to your expectations the first time, Herrera Lawn Care Service is the one to call. Whether you need Mowing and Edging, Clean-Ups, Fall Clean Up / Snow Removal, Trimming, Weed Killing, Fertilize, Planting and Removal (Shrubs, Grass, Trees, plants), Fence Installation and more. We will help you maintain your lawn, palm trees, gardens and irrigation system, and do it all on time and affordably.

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